Monday, November 17, 2008

Christopher Hopper - Crazy White Bald Dude

Hey! He's the one who claims that title. It is not PC in my book to point out his race, his lack of hair, or his inclination toward zaniness. But Christopher is all of those things. He is a youth pastor in New York. Not New York City. His neighbors are cows, not suits (meaning big city, corporate types, riding the subway, hailing taxis, and rushing through life.) 
However, I have to admit that Christopher is often in the rush mode. God has gifted him in many areas, and Christopher is a good stewart of his talents. He's a husband, father, musician, author, and preacher. He is one of the original Fantasy Fiction Tour members. His energy powered the tour at times the rest of us were beginning to drag. 
Christopher and his lovely wife, Jennifer, were responsible for the daily broadcasts of our tour down the West Coast.

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Christopher Hopper said...

Hey Fantasy Momma-o-power! Thanks for your kind words and your willingness to not succumb to the ACLU's standards against calling me what I really am: a crazy, bald, white guy for Jesus!

Much love,