Saturday, May 1, 2010

No Dragons were Harmed

That's right! no dragons were harmed in the making of this book. Of course there are no dragons at risk, but a hero (human) is in a very precarious circumstance.
I read this book because I enjoy Klaven on the Culture on
PJTV. This is a sartastic look at the political scene.
I was surprised to find Andrew Klaven had written a book. Well, actually, he's written a lot of books. Ahem! More books than I have. Then I was surprised to find this book was from Thomas Nelson. (You know, the publishers that did the Left Behind series.) So the book was probably Christian, right?
I ordered it. When I started to read it, I was surprised because it is YA. Hey, lots of people think my books are YA and only YA. (My actual readership is around 8 to 80 years old. Really.)
About two pages in, I discover this is really a guy's book. Torture et al. Guess what? I was surprised. Not as surprised as I was several hours later when I looked up at my bedside clock. A guy's book (with torture) had pulled me in. Great writing! Intriguing plot! Engaging main character!
My only beef with this book is that it ended mid-story. The last page is not "The End." I always feel manipulated when the novel is over but I feel compelled to buy the next novel to see what happens. Usually I refuse to buy the next book in a fit of protest.
So I was surprised when I clicked the Put in Cart button for book two.


Nisly_Family said...

I know exactly how you feel about books that end in the middle instead of at the end. I've always thought that if the writing is good, I'll buy the next book anyway, without being blackmailed into it.

Lizana Trestant said...

I guess I'm lucky, I live right near a library and can reserve books online too... the problem is I can't always get to the book if I get a 'craving' for the story! I know what you mean too about cliffhangers, they can be so infuriating and yet the curiosity is almost irrepressible.