Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[June Celebration: Something Borrowed] Why a Ring?

Why the significance of the ring in Remnants

From Lisa: "In the Remnants series, each of the Ailith receive an arm band that supernaturally seals to their bicep. I imagined it in the fashion of a Celtic design, with interlocking knots, to symbolize how we’re both tied to the Maker and to his people…our lives all interwoven. When I found this sterling silver ring, I bought some as prizes to give away to some readers.

If you win, I hope it reminds you of the same things it does for my Remnants and Knights!"

[What others have to say about Remnants...]

"This book was not like most dystopian novels I have read. It was a bit of a dark concept, but at the same time it was wholesome and good. It reflects plenty on a religious aspect and idea." 
-- Tiffany Hester [full review]

"Remnants: Season of Wonder had tons of adventure and excitement expertly woven into a creative fantasy/dystopian plotline that will keep you rifling through the pages to find out what happens next." 
-- J.L. Hartz [full review]

"I have to admit that Remnants: Seasons of Wonder is far from my usual genre. Because I love the author’s work, I knew I had to give it try...Well, let me tell you – This Book Is SO Good! I am so glad I went outside my comfort zone and read it." 
-- Amy C. [full review] 

Have you ever wondered why the bride and groom exchange rings on their wedding day?

The bride and groom exchange rings as a symbolic representation of their promise to be faithful to each other and each other alone. The circular shape of the ring further signifies eternity, and that these two are promised to each other "til death do they part." The wearing of the ring serves as a constant reminder of their commitment. :-)

Do you have a favorite ring?

What about you? Do you have a favorite ring? It can be your mother's wedding ring, the ring worn by a favorite fictional character or even just a ring you stumbled across in a picture and fell in love with!

What would make/does make your ring special?


Sierra Faith said...

My favorite ring is one my grandparents gave me for my 16th birthday! It has my birthday stone and i LOVE it!

Angie Quantrell said...

This book sounds great! I have several favorite rings - one for my engagement to my honey, one for our wedding, one for our 10 year anniversary. And then my mom gave me a birthstone ring that I always wear because it's from her.

LadySaotome said...

I love my wedding ring. It had a heart-shaped diamond that my husband hunted every store in town for. He's got quite a story behind finding it and that just adds to value. :)