Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Tour - Curse of the Spider King

One book written by two talented men.

I am very fortunate to call these two men my friends. Like many Christian fantasy authors, they are as much fun to be with as to read. Christopher Hopper has a bald head and a fantastic personality. He can do so many things, compose, sing, play the guitar, etc. Almost anything but the ability to grow long locks of beautiful hair. He has a lovely wife who is equally talented, but she can grow hair. Christopher is also the head of a Christian school and is a youth pastor.
Wayne Thomas Batson is also fun to be with. And he has a full head of hair. When last I saw him, it was gathered in a MAN'S ponytail. (A female's ponytail sticks out from the middle of the skull. A male's ponytail is anchored at the base of the skull. These things are important to know.) He, also, is multitalented. And he teahces school. It is my belief that anyone who teaches public school, particularly the middle grades, is a candidate for some type of metal, one that recognizes going above and beyond the call of duty.

This book is worth looking into.

Curse of the Spider King at CBD
Curse of the Spider King at Amazon

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Storyteller SilverLoom said...

Not only are they fun, they are also crazy goofy! *laughs* Their books are REALLY great. I'm so glad to have discovered them and their works.

Christopher Hopper said...

Momma D, thank you for the smiles. You're the best. Big hugs! ch:

WayneThomasBatson said...

Ah, thanks so much, Donita! Oh, thanks for clarifying the proper "Man Tail."

Anonymous said...

Love the hair discussion! LOL

I also thought it was cool how The Vanishing Sculptor "just happened" to earn a mention in Curse of the Spider King.