Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More about J. K. Anderson

I love this cover. I like the expression on the faery's face. My conjecture is this is Knife gazing from the oak toward the manor, wondering if she will ever be able to show him her drawings.
The story reveals a great deal of growth by Knife, Paul, Wink, Thorn, and Queen Amaryllis. One of the things which caught my attention in this tale is the maturity leap not only in the younger faeries but also in the human and the older faeries.
With this in mind, I don't hesitate to recommend this to teens. They need to know that parents, grandparents, teachers and others can continue to mature. And when the teens reach whatever number they have deemed to be adult, they can expect life will still be teaching them, they will still be maturing.
To learn more about why Mrs. Anderson chose to write about faieries, read her own essay on the subject.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved the cover, too.

Anonymous said...

I liked the cover art also...never really thought about what she was looking at...thanks for the new way of looking at her looking. :)

KM Wilsher said...

So much buzz about this cover. It was right on, yeah? Great post, Donita ;)