Sunday, December 12, 2010

Feechie Swamp Stew

For some strange reason, I first posted this announcement on my OLD blogspot. It doesn't belong there, but here.

This stew is going to be so awesome when it is done going through the testing kitchens here at Dragon Keeper Enterprises.
For those of you who are waiting with baited breath and rumbling tummies, the new recipe is on the verge of being revealed. I thank Jonathan Rogers for the inspiration for this culinary creation.
It will looks something like this:
But with no carrots and without those globs of white something. I don't expect it to smell bad, though it might. I guess it depends on how much cabbage you put in.
I'm putting the main ingredients in the crockpot today. Sometime around Wednesday or Thursday, it may be cooked through.
Don't give up. Oh, and this is exclusively for those who participated in the fill in the blank descriptions of a feechie. Others who make the stew are guilty of recipe swiping ( not swapping).

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Unknown said...

Alright. Looking forward to enjoying some good old feechie home cooking! :)