Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In Which We Describe a Feechie

Part of the fun of The Charlatan's Boy is Jonathan's way with words. He plays! I know writing any book is hard, hard work, but the author has really accomplished something when the reader feels that the writing of the book was fun.
And so,
just for fun, fill in the blanks and leave your responses in the comments. Even if you haven't read the Wilderking trilogy or The Charlatan's Boy, wrap your imagination around a wild swamp creature and give it a try.
  1. A feechie is smarter than most _______________ , but not much.
  2. A hefeechie smells like a _____________________, but twice as strong.
  3. The smell coming off a feechie will ______________________ .
  4. One feechie more than a dozen makes a _______________ .
  5. Better to sit down with a feechie and have a ____________________ than spend your time _______________ing.
  6. Never give a feechie a ________________ ; he'll only use it to ___________.
  7. The worst place to come face to face with a feechie is _____________.
  8. The best defense against feechie invasion is to leave ___________ around the rottenest trees on your property.
  9. Feechies have been known to skin ____________, fricassee the innards, and serve 'em to _________________.
  10. You don't want to sit on a feechie's head; they're most likely to ________________.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Well, I have my doubts that even Jonathan could answer these, but here's my best shot (if Fred could make up a whole review, I can certainly make up answers to these questions!;-)

1. gators
2. hedgehog
3. knock ya senseless
4. thirteen feechies (is this a trick question?)
5. bowl of alligator stew/stewing about civilizer niceties.
6. dollar bill/blow his nose
7. in a swamp (trick question?)
8. ladders
9. civilizers/gators
10. bite