Monday, February 17, 2014

Knock, knock. Who's there?

The first thing I noticed about Bixby was her hair. So blonde, it is almost white. So twisty, a comb has no hope of getting through. So wild, it is in constant need of taming.
Of course, since I was looking at her hair, I noticed the crown. Bixby does have a royal background, but that doesn't explain the crowns. She wears them because she likes them. She likes elaborate, heavy crowns as well as light circlets. She also has diadems and tiaras and knows the difference between them. Bixby would wear the crowns even if they didn't perform needed tasks. They do, however, have functions. They increase her natural abilities. Her natural abilities are varied, and she has a hamper with a plethora of choices in stylish and useful crowns.
Bixby's style is so unique I've had to establish a Pinterest board to keep track of her clothes and accessories. visit it here: Bixby Styling

Another  unusual character is Bridger. First he's a dragon, which is unusual in itself. Second, he is from a race of dragons who freely associate with humans. Third, he's tenaciously determined to latch on to the hero as his constant (a lifelong partner in fighting for good). He's also exceedingly talented in shapeshifting and . . .well,
His name is Bridger-Bigalow. His sister is Totobee-Rodolow, a dragon of another color. Actually, many colors.

Our hero is Cantor D'Ahma, a young man destined to be a realm walker. Realm Walkers are like Knights of the Round Table, noble and chivalrous and all that knightly honor thing to the max.

And there is Dukmee, who is a savant. He's a healer, wizard, mage, scholar, realm walker, and whatever else he decides to be. But to whom does he owe his allegiance? Therein lies the rub, if we choose to be Shakespearean about it.

Knock, knock
Who's there?

I hope you'll read and find out.


J. L. Mbewe said...

oh my goodness, how could you end the post like that? I was having some doubts as to who is allegiance lies. Hmmm....

Great article though, I just love the characters, including the dragons. :-)

Jill Williamson said...

I loved the characters in this book. They were very fun and unique.

Julie Bihn said...

A Pinterest board for Bixby...I love it! She has great taste too, but I suspected as much from the novel.

Kimberli Renee Campbell said...

I finished the book too quickly. I find myself going back and reading my favorite parts over again. I love the little spark between Cantor and Bixby...I'm a romantic. :) The back and forth tiffs with Cantor and Bridger made me laugh...out loud. I received several stares from my family. :)

Sarah Cnossen said...

I absolutely loved this book! Bixby was a favorite from the start. She is such a unique and fun character. Bridger is another favorite. =]

I can't wait for the next!

If you are interested, I wrote a full review on my blog: Sarah, Plain & Average (