Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ten Years of DragonQuest + Giveaway!

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Happy 10th Birthday, DragonQuest!!

Last year we celebrated ten years of DragonSpell, and this year we get to celebrate ten years of DragonQuest! Because, really, if there's a reason to party it would be a waste to throw that away, right? (And brace yourselves, people, because we still got three more years, three more books, and at least three more parties. ;-) )

We've teamed up with the awesome ZA over at Za's Clay Critters to bring two lucky winners their very own Ardeo and Dibl! See! See?

Spiffy, yeah?

Starting March 2nd, 2015 and running through March 10th, 2015 you can enter the giveaway below to win one! Ardeo goes to one winner and Dibl goes to another. ;-) Want both? Well...why don't you contact her at her Etsy shop and request a minor dragon? She's pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

Be sure to check out her blog and Pinterest page!

In the last ten years we've watched readers of the DragonKeeper Chronicles grow up. A lot can happen in that amount of time and we've been fortunate (as we've said before!) to have the most amazing fanbase ever. If you think of it, please take the time to introduce the next generation to the Dragonkeeper Chronicles. The beautiful thing about stories and age is that while we grow and change...the story remains the same, waiting for another curious reader to stumble across its pages. Perhaps this new reader will grow up with the pages, or perhaps they will have a thought they'd never considered before that helps shape their worldview.

If the DragonKeeper Chronicles has touched you in a manner that helped shape you today--share it with the people you love or even the kids of the people you love!

Thank you, as always, everyone! You're the BEST!

With love,
Donita K. Paul & DKPWebmaster

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Pamela Mynatt Moser said...

Thanks for the opportunity! I love the books and these little dragons are so great!

Unknown said...

They're so cute!! I love them both!

Ophelia - Marie Flowers said...

^_^ This giveaway has been such fun so far!


Lisa said...

Such an awesome giveaway. . New fan.. love your dragons.