Monday, July 28, 2008

Contest winner!

Bryan Davis is the perpetrator of the list given last week.

Kaci, is the winner of our quiz contest. Kaci, if you would send me your snail mail address and the color you like best, we will make a beaded dragon bookmark for you and send it straight away. Send the information to

And here is Bryan Davis explanation of what really happened:

Who dealt with alligators in his backyard?

I had a large pond in my backyard filled with catfish, frogs, ducks, etc. On three different occasions, an alligator visited the pond. One was about six feet long. He killed two of our ducks, so we had to … ahem … dispose of him.

Something monumental happened to him at mile 23 during the Disney marathon.

While running mile 23, I had a severe cramp in the side of my right foot. I was going so slow, it seemed even the turtles were passing me. I still finished, and when I got home and took my shoe off, I saw a huge bruise that cover the entire right side of my foot. I had broken a bone! It was only a stress fracture, but I was on crutches for two weeks.

He knocked his second son's tooth out.

My son and I were playing catch with a baseball. He’s quite a good player, so we would really sling the ball it at each other. One time, just as I threw it, he was distracted and looked away. The ball hit him in the cheek, and a tooth flew right out of his mouth. Fortunately, it was one of his last baby teeth.
He had an odd nickname in college. (THINK TOES)

In college, several people called me The Hobbit. I have large, hairy feet and toes. I also have this strange ring, but that’s another story.

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Kaci said...

Coolness! I just happened to remember him saying he ran a marathon once.