Monday, July 28, 2008

Contest Winner!

The winner of our contest is Jordan! To claim your prize of a handmade (we make 'em) beaded dragon bookmark, send an email to And tell us the color you would like.
L. B. Graham was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1971. He loved school so much that he never left, transitioning seamlessly between life as a student and life as a teacher. He and his family now live in St. Louis. They would like one day to have a house by the sea, which he wants to call "The Grey Havens." He and his wife have two children. Both love books, which pleases him immensely.

Who is BOTH an American & an Australian citizen?

My father was born in Melbourne, even though he grew up in Ethiopia. When I married an Australian, I applied for citizenship "by right of descent" and became a dual citizen.

Who won the math award at his/her high school before abandoning the study of math entirely after 1st semester in College?

Math always came easy, but even though I had a brilliant Calculus professor my first semester at Wheaton, I knew math wasn't for me.

Who has a father who grew up in Ethiopia?

My grandfather was Australian and my grandmother was American. They both went to Ethiopia as single missionaries in the late '20s and early '30s where they met, married and raised a family that included my Dad.

Who wrote a "choose-your-own-adventure" story for his/her 6th grade project on the state of Georgia called "Killer Kudzu?"

I knew I wanted to be a storyteller, even in elementary school, so I spiced up my "boring" state project with a story about Kudzu run wild and terrorizing the neighborhood, written on 3x5 index cards. Fortunately, my teacher had a sense of humor and loved it.

Who found out as a teenager one afternoon in Scotland that sheep are surprisingly nimble and impossible to catch on foot so he/she spent the afternoon throwing and dodging hardened sheep manure instead?

When I was 13 and my older brother was 16 we spent a month in Scotland and several weeks in England when my father did a pulpit exchange with a Scottish pastor. While visiting the Isle of Iona we lost interest in the history and turned out attention to the sheep...


Nora said...

Very cool site. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Finding Hope Through Christian Fiction. You couldn't remember where we had talked before but I met you on Shelfari. My name is Nora and we talked about my name and your mom's. I also mentioned if you are ever in Atlanta we would Love to to a book signing and maybe speak to three of my book clubs. I know that you mentioned traveling isn't your thing but if you ever do. I'm at the Mall of Ga Life Way Christian Store. Thanks again for this great site.

Jordan said...

Wow! I didn't think I was right at all!

I've sent you an email. Thanks!