Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Contest Winner!

Noah is our winner. Send me your address and the color you would like to and I will send you your prize, a beaded dragon bookmark.

And here is Sharon in her spy get-up.

A note from Sharon Hinck:

"I own my own boxing gloves because I enjoy kick-boxing for exercise. I wore a lampshade when playing Anne Frank in a stage production (she puts one on her head in a scene). I wore top hat and tails when doing a tap-dance performance in college. I wore a toga when teaching Vacation Bible School a few years ago. I wore a Star Trek uniform as Deanna Troi for a party. I dressed like SuperMom Becky Miller at the International Christian Retail Show two years ago.
Many of these are mentioned in "The Secret Life of Sharon Hinck" article on my website. :-) Stop by and visit to learn more."

Sharon is up for Book of the Year from American Christian Fiction Writers for three of her books. Check out one notation in Stepping Stones. You'll see some other familiar names and faces there as well. Here's the link to to August issue:

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the lion hearted said...

Congrats Noah! :-D! Enjoy your bookmark!