Friday, August 22, 2008

Guess Again

Be sure to look at The O.L.D. Blog today. There is a neat book up for your viewing pleasure.

The prize is the same. The contest clues are way out of the norm. Since the last two tries got zilch in the way of correct answers, you might as well pull names out of the hat. There really are clues as to identity to this author through his relations. Think about where this family must live. Put your answers in the comment box. I'll draw one of the names of the contestants who guessed correctly. You have a one in eight chance of getting it right.

  1. Which Motiv8 author has a cousin who got arrested for picking up the carcass of a road-kill alligator (which was a protected species at the time)?
  2. Which Motiv8 author has a third cousin who accidentally caused a royal ruckus when, shooting pigeons that were fouling (fowling?) the AC units on the roof of a shopping mall, was mistaken for a sniper, and was quickly surrounded by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, a SWAT team, and news trucks from all three TV stations in Macon?
  3. Which Motiv8 author has even more cousins who appeared on the Family Feud game show and gave Richard Dawson a T-shirt reading "Everything's Better in Metter (And It Ain't So Bad in Brooklet Either)?


Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

Bryan Davis?

the lion hearted said...

Hmmmmm maybe Jonathan Rogers?

Alassiel said...

Wow, this author has some, er, interesting relatives. I'm going to guess Jonathan Rogers.

Anonymous said...

Jonathab Rogers?