Thursday, August 14, 2008

Play dead is supposed to be done by dogs!

This Fantasy Fiction Tour member

  1. Held a hammer head shark, thinking it was dead. It wasn't.

  2. Walked across an international bridge with only one and a half shoes on.

  3. Failed a Roschach Inkblot test in college

  4. As a child, trained dogs, cats, and birds to do incredible tricks

  5. Taught at a school where a police chase barrelled through the playground.
Put your guesses in the comments. We'll pick a name out of the list who guessed right.


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Well, I think I'm 1 for 3. Only a good average in baseball.

I'm going to have to guess on this one. I'll say Jonathan Rogers.


the lion hearted said...

This sounds reeeeeeeeally familiar!!! Okay, I'll say Jonathan Rogers.

Alassiel said...

I'm going to guess too, since I really haven't got the foggiest idea. Jonathan Rogers sounds like a good bet to me, though.

Rattatouille said...

Is it Christopher Hopper?

Santana said...

Maybe Mrs. Paul?