Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Contest Winner!

The winner is Siobhan! Remember, this time we put all the correct answers in a hat (not literally) and pulled out a name. Siobhan, please send your snail mail address to and your color preference, and we will send out your bookmark.

Wayne Thomas Batson

  1. I played in a Heavy Metal Band: The band was called Noise R Us. Seriously. At least at first. We were terrible, but with practice in the drummer's garage, we became Sneak Attack and finally, Contagious. We had a catchy sound, get it. {ahem}. We really had a great sound and considering the popularity of heavy metal in the 80's we really could have hit the big time. But, we were just missing one little ingredient: a singer. lol. The guys from the band are still among my best friends in the world today.

  2. I spent several summers working in a strawberry patch: The Darrow Berry Farm. Funny how a seemingly innocent decision can lead to an incredible chain reaction of events. A high school friend asked me what I was going to do for work over the summer of our 11th grade year. I had nothing planned and she suggested I go work at this strawberry farm. I said yes. I ended up meeting my wife as a result of working there. And I came to believe in Jesus there. Amazing, eh?
  3. I once played beach volleyball against Olympic/Pro Beach Volleyball Champion Sinjin Smyth: I played competitive beach volleyball for years: 6's, 4's, 3's, and doubles. One summer I played in a triples tournament sponsored by some big Volleyball brand. They had a charity fundraiser: for a fee, your team could play 10 minutes versus Sinjin Smythe. So my friend and I took on the big olympian. I gave him my best power serve. He returned it like it was nothing. lol
  4. I used to be terrified of unfinished basements:The basement in my parents' house was the worst. If the basement door at the bottom of the stairs was open, I wouldn't even go down there.
  5. When it comes to nachos, I believe in the "Moundage Principle" Seriously, if you go to a restaurant and try to serve nachos like one layer deep---that's not really nachos. The moundage principle clearly states that the mound of nachos must climb to a height of at least 8 inches to be considered a right and proper serving of nachos.

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the lion hearted said...

Great job, my fellow bookmark seeker, Siobhan! I must get it this time! (*crosses toes*)