Sunday, May 24, 2009

Be in a Novel

Yes, you can be in a novel, or at least your name will be. Or you can choose a loved one, a pet's name, a favorite co-worker, whomever to have his/her name in a novel. You can name a town, a horse, or a dragon. It is a charity auction at 
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Auction to be held May 31 - June 7, 2009.

 Imagine reading the newest book from one of your favorite authors when all of a sudden… 


     …the story's heroine has a brief encounter with someone who looks like you and has your name 


    …the main characters go into a restaurant and order the chef's special, a dish named in honor of your mother and her favorite recipe


    …the story's hero calls in his dog, and it happens to look just like your dog and have your dog's name


   …and more! 


Your cameo appearance on the page may be brief, but the memories will last a lifetime and you will be forever immortalized in print.


Best of all, the entire proceeds from your winning bid will go directly to Operation outreach of the faith-based nonprofit Child and Family Focus.  Now in its fifth year of generating smiles, Operation Joy uses 100% of monetary and material donations to support local families in need. (Child and Family Focus) The use of the proceeds from this 2009 auction will focus primarily on the unmet needs of families dealing with medical crises.


Here is what is up for auction:

Terri Blackstock           Name a character.

Davis Bunn                 Name a character.

Mindy Starns Clark        Name a horse.

Mindy Starns Clark        Name the specialty of the house in a restaurant.

Athol Dickson                  Name a character.

Wanda Dyson         Name one of the following: a dog, a cop, a bounty hunter, a witness to a crime, or a child.

Jerry Jenkins        Name a hard-bitten Chicago cop who might be a villain

Donita K. Paul      Name a dragon.

Donita K. Paul      Name a town.

Gayle Roper        Name & describe a book store in the story.

Gayle Roper        Name the hero of the story.

Marlo Schalesky      Create the name & ingredients for your favorite coffee.

Lauraine Snelling     Name a character.

Lenora Worth      Name one of the following: a security guard, a security dog,or a shop-aholic who loves to buy shoes at Duncan's department store.


B. D. Eastman said...

What a very cool concept.

Anonymous said...

My mom loved the King Raven trilogy.
I love your DragonKeeper series!!
Regidor is my favorite character - and Dar. =D (Or should I say 'Sir' Dar!)
I am writing my own book - well, it's written, I'm just editing - and it looks like Storehouse Press is going to publish it!
And I'm onnly 15!! I am SO excited!!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Saw on twitter that you're in the hospital. We're praying for you here. My girls are two of your biggest fans and we were thrilled to find your Dragon Keeper series. We've been having family members ship them to us here in Paraguay, a book at a time.

Hope to hear that you're recovered and back home soon! God bless you...

Koala Bear Writer said...

That's a neat idea! And hey, solves the author's problem of coming up with a character's name! :) Best of luck with the auction.

Robert Treskillard said...

Hope you're feeling better, Donita!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Nice ideas. :)

God bless,
Taylor J. Beisler

Nathan Petrie said...

Wish I could do this...but I don't have any money :D lol