Wednesday, July 22, 2009



Nathan Petrie said...

That's a cool picture! Wish I'd seen it lol

I always forget about AADD...I will NOT forget this time lol

Take care Mrs. Paul!

Katie Hart - Freelance Writer said...

Cool pic!

I know, HTML can be so confusing sometimes! If you want to get rid of the underlines (which are there because it somehow got the same formatting as the picture link), go to edit your post. Click the edit HTML tab and you'll see a bunch of gibberish mixed with the words of your post.

Find BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID (it's in all caps like that so it should be easy to find). Keep going until you find the very next [/a][/div] (it'll be <> instead of [] but I can't use that here!). Delete all the gibberish (everything between a < and a > )after the [/a][/div] - just make sure to keep the words of your post!

Click the compose tab to go back to your normal blog entry mode. Your text will be all in one block - separate back into paragraphs and save your changes!

DragonRider said...

That's cool.

~Prism~ said...

Awesome pic!

The Lion Hearted said...

Ha ha, love it!!

Kendra Logan said...

That's an awesome picture! Wow! That's exactly the kind of thing I would see in the sky. Really cool!


Book Dragon said...

great pic!

I'm glad someone was able to describe what you needed to do. Just don't forget and code at the very end of your post

thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'm eagerly awaiting Dragonknight and Dragonfire from my library, Dragonlight is sitting on my shelf.