Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kim in Action

You may wonder why I chose to put this blog about Kim's book here. Well, she and I got to know each other over her son's interest in my books. In fact, he was so enthusiastic about the Dragon Keeper Chronicles that the Extreme Makeover people designed his room around the dragon/knight theme. Kim and her family have a special place in my heart. So here is the piece I wrote about her and her new book.

I laughed when I came up for the title of this piece, because Kim is always in action. It could be something requiring a lot of motion like piling suitcases into the carrier on top of her Ford Expedition. (Yes, I watched her and Holly do this for our trip to Minneapolis last year.) Or something a little less rigorous as organizing a half dozen women in her kitchen as they made a super-yummy lunch for 50-60 people. Even when she sits on the couch with her daughter and son, she is in action. She's bubbling over with love and enthusiasm and most of all encouragement.
Kim is a dynamo, but it is not a self-serving mode of behavior. I don't think the lady has a selfish bone in her body. She is give, give, give, and out of the well of blessings the Lord has given her, she pours forth a spirit of gentle and funny, cheer-leading quality, extra-special exuberance. She makes me laugh. But she also touches my heart with her compassion and love for our Savior.
So, Kim, in between homeschooling, cooking, cleaning (she is a bit of a sterilizing whirlwind), singing, life coaching those around her, providing the comforts for her husband and kids, and nurturing those of us who come across her path, she wrote a book. And I loved this book. It is Welcome Home: Our Family's Journey to Extreme Joy.

Here she is signing at the Focus on the Family(R) Bookstore. And she gave time and interest to everyone who stopped at her table. Even a most unlikely shopper.
Yes it looks like President Bush has come by to look at Kim's books.
Of course it only looks like President Bush.
But it only looks like President Bush. It is really John Morgan, the president's impersonator, who was at the store signing his book and graciously came over to Kim's table to take these fun pictures.


AmyD. said...

Whoa, that's really cool!

Eruanna said...

I don't understand the contest!

Anonymous said...

Ha! That Bush impersonator is hilarious--I had no idea such things existed. :P

And--I don't know if you remember that Incredibooks reading contest last year? I was the one who won DragonSpell, and when it came I added it to my enormous, enormous to-read stack and sort of forgot about it. Tonight I found it again and was properly ashamed, especially because you had been kind enough to sign it and everything! So anyhow, just wanted to say a deplorably late THANK YOU! I'm looking forward to reading the book. :) Thanks again!


Eruanna said...

I finished the book Dragonspell and really liked it! I have a question why aren't tumanhofers in the glossary when all the other 7 high races are?