Monday, June 21, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour Imaginary Jesus

First, there were no dragons injured in the writing of this book. In fact, no dragons were in this book, which is a pity, but occasionally, we have to read something besides dragon tales.

Let me say that I have read Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've been showing it around to my friends and family, but wouldn't loan it out in case I needed it for this blog tour.

Buy Imaginary Jesus -
At you can read a chapter of the book, see a nifty book trailer of the book, and "see" an imaginary Matt. It's worth a visit.
Author blog -
Author Web site -

Now let me say that I have not yet read Domesticated Jesus by my friend, Harry Kraus, but it such a weird coincidence that they have come out at the same time that I couldn't just leave it be. If you go to
you will see what I mean. Harry's book is non-fiction, and Matt's book is sort-of fiction/fantasy. Both are carrying the same vital message.


Fred Warren said...

Heh, I think the talking donkey *almost* made up for the lack of dragons.

Stacey said...

Snazzy blog, Donita.

You know, after reading your review, I almost think a dragon could have appeared in this book! Definitely a thought-provoking read.

Harry Kraus said...

Wow. I watched the Imaginary Jesus trailer and although I haven't read the book, it appears that the author may be challenging his readers with the same message as in my book, "Domesticated Jesus." The idea that Jesus can be domesticated is preposterous, I know, but in actuality, in many ways, we "act" as if he is small (domesticated). When I worry, I'm acting as if he is too small to take care of my problems. He didn't just come here to clean up my sin mess (serve me, a domesticated god) but came to rule in my life! Thanks for highlighting both books! Harry Kraus

Harry Kraus said...

After looking at the trailer for Imaginary Jesus, I do think the author may be trying to challenge his readers with the same message as I do in "Domesticated Jesus." Actually, it is a preposterous idea. Jesus can't be domesticated, but I act like he is....for instance, when I worry, am I not acting as if he is too small to care for me? He didn't just come here to clean up my sin mess (a domesticated god), he came here to rule in my life. Thanks for highlighting both books. --Harry Kraus

Matt Mikalatos said...


It's a little weird to hear that you read my book when I've read your books!

I had a friend in college who loved to have dragons in all her stories. One of our professors told her that she had to write one contemporary story which could have no dragons in it. So she wrote a story with a guy who had an enormous dragon tattoo going up his arms. I thought that was pretty funny. Note to self: add dragon to next novel.