Monday, June 23, 2014

[June Celebration] Something Blue!

Welcome to the fourth and final week of our June Celebration Giveaway!

Thank you everyone for coming and hanging out with us over these last three weeks; we've had a blast, and we hope you've had one too! We'd also like to thank Lisa Tawn Bergren for making week three extra, extra special. :-)

For those of you who entered our "Something Borrowed" giveaway, check your inboxes over the next few days to see if you won!

Are you ready for one more giveaway? We sure hope so!

Our theme for this week is "something blue"!

You can win one of these lovely, lovely necklaces. A fairytale necklace if our winner is a lady, and a dragon's tail necklace if our winner is a gentleman! Either way, we gotcha covered.

This week's giveaway will be a little bit get as many entries as possible, you can submit a quote a day from Mrs. Paul's books for extra entry points! Please do not submit the same quote twice. It would be so cool to see a variety of what has touched your heart!

We'd love it if you'd share this last and final giveaway with all your friends. Help us to end our celebration with a bang!

Oh, and don't be a stranger! We have some fun stuff planned for July too... ;-)

Til then!

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Kimberli Renee Campbell said...

Quote from One Realm Beyond - Cantor crossed his arms over his chest. "I've never seen a dragon with facial hair."

Kimberli Renee Campbell said...

I just realized I did the quote thing wrong. Sorry. :)

Donita K. Paul said...

I'd like everyone to know that the charms on the something blue necklace are silver, not gold. the lighting must have influenced the picture.

Pam Moser said...

“Not all tongues that wag cohabit with a brain.” DragonFire

Melissa Poarch said...

"Quests are uncomfortable things." spoken by Wizard Fenworth numerous times. It always makes me smile, as I imagine the grumblings of the old wizard and the reactions of all those around him

Saphira and Annabeth said...

"He fainted. Then he came to and remembered what happened and fainted again"

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I love both of those necklaces! Thanks for these lovely giveaways! (: