Monday, August 11, 2008

Combo Athlete/Chicken ~ Chicklete?

Time to guess again. This time I am going to take all the names of those who guessed correctly and put them in a hat and pull one out to be the winner. The picture to the left shows you the type of bookmark we are giving away. I love making these. It is very relaxing. I will announce the winner on Wednesday because I have more wacky disconnected facts about the other authors and I want to share them. Fantasy Fiction Book Tour is going to be awesome. I get to spend 8 days with these nuts!

So who do you think made these curiosity-rousing statements?

  1. I played in a Heavy Metal Band
  2. I spent several summers working in a strawberry patch
  3. I once played beach volleyball against Olympic/Pro Beach Volleyball Champion Sinjin Smyth
  4. I used to be terrified of unfinished basements
  5. When it comes to nachos, I believe in the "Moundage Principle"


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

OK, this one this time, I'm pretty, pretty sure is Wayne Batson.


The Lion Hearted said...

Wayne Thomas Batson!!

Siobhan said...

I guesse Wayne Thomas Batson too!

Alassiel said...

I'm positive it's Wayne Thomas Batson.