Sunday, August 31, 2008

Young Christopher or Grandma Paul?

Making it harder. The four hints below apply to me, Donita K. Paul, or Christopher Hopper. Sort them three and two and put your guess in the comments box. Same prize: the handmade beaded dragon bookmark.

  1. I used to bleach my hair platinum blonde.
  2. I dyed my hair black in college and was mistaken for the offspring of a drug cartel from Guatemala.
  3. I almost failed French class.
  4. I failed the Roschach Ink Blot test in college.
  5. My father was a university professor.


Animala said...

1:christopher hopper
2:donita k. paul
3:christopher hopper
4:donita k. paul
5:christopher hopper

Lizzie Fire said...

1.christopher hopper
2.donita k. paul
3.christopher hopper
4.donita k. paul
5.donita k. paul

the lion hearted said...

1: Chris Hopper
2: Donita K. Paul
3: Christopher Hopper
4: Donita K. Paul
5: Mrs. Paul

Christopher Hopper said...

Man...these people are good guessers! Or are they?

Hmmmmm.... ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have no idea, especially because I have never been on your blog more than once or twice before! :) However, I was wondering if you could help me with something. I would like to write someday, but for now I need to pick a major to pursue in college. I was hoping you could suggest a major that might be helpful for a future writer.

Thank you,

Donita K. Paul said...

If you look through the two FAQs on the website, you will find answers to your questions. Also there are links to other writer's sites for more info.

Katie G. said...

OK.... let's see here...
1. Donita K. Paul
2. Christopher Hopper
3. Christopher Hopper
4. Chrstopher Hopper
5. Donita K. Paul

Pixiemom said...

1. Donita K Paul
2. Christopher Hopper
3. Donita K Paul
4. Christopher Hopper
5. Donita K Paul

This was my first time visiting your blog. I plan on visiting more often.


the lion hearted said...

Ha ha, yeah, we are REALLY good guessers!

Katie G. said...

'guessers' being the main word! For me atleast!!! ;)