Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Winner for the Who is it? Contest

But I have another contest up my sleeve.

This contest winner is Lizzie Fire. Please send me your postal address and the color you prefer to

Here's Christopher speaking of his two clues:
I used to have hair; in fact, not only was it full and quite bushy (see Napoleon Dynamite) but I used to bleach it platinum blonde, too! Then I got married and had kids. What happened?
The only subject in school I almost failed was French class; God's sense of humor isn't lost on me, as today, the countries we minister in the most are French-speaking. My first French teacher, a born again Christian, once told me at age 11, "Christopher, you really need to try hard and learn French because you never know when God might want you to share the Gospel there." Prophetic?

And my explanations:
I was a Psych minor in college, and for extra credit, students could volunteer to be lab rats and let the Psych majors practice on them. So I volunteered to do the inkblot test. The problem was not that I couldn't see anything in the blobs of ink, the problem was that I saw too much. Instead of saying things like "I see a man standing next to a woman." I said things like, "There's a moose munching on a bush, and he doesn't see the snake coming out of that hole, but that man over there with the gun is going to shoot. So we, of course, don't know if he's aiming at the moose or the snake, but I prefer to think he's aiming at the snake."
After several pictures, the novice tester threw his hands up in the air and told me I was dismissed.
I dyed my hair just because I never had before. I want to see what it would look like. In our dormitory was a gal from South America, and the rumor was that her wealthy parents were drug dealers, big time. After I dyed my hair, I was approached several times by other students who didn't live in our dorm, but thought I was the gal from way south of the border. Some of there questions were very interesting.
My dad had several careers in engineering, but the one he liked best was university professor. He worked at Kansas University, Chrysler Institute, Purdue, University of Houston, and University of Arkansas. He wanted me to be an engineer or a teacher. I became a teacher.

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